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someones gonna shoot me on the street for this. JUST REMEBER, self control is key dont do shit without permission. I tag!: I have no friends besides the people already tagged. and they kinda just put up with me. 

[x] Acousticophilia: sexual arousal from certain sounds. (echoes of the dead)

[x] Agalmatophilia: sexual attraction to statues or mannequins or immobility. (greek statues are sexy)

[x] Algolagnia: sexual pleasure from pain. (SWORD FIGHT TIME)

[x] Amaurophilia: sexual arousal by a partner whom one is unable to see due to artificial means, such as being blindfolded or having sex in total darkness. (SURPRISE)

[x] Acrotomophilia and apotemnophilia: sexual attraction to amputation or amputees.

[x] Andromimetophilia (also gynemimetophilia): sexual attraction towards women dressed as men or who have had a sex change operation.

[x] Aquaphilia: arousal from water and/or in watery environments, including bathtubs and swimming pools. (*splashes around*)

[] Aretifism: sexual attraction to people who are without footwear, in contrast to retifism.

[] Autogynephilia: love of oneself as a woman.

[x] Autoassassinophilia: sexual arousal from fantasizing about or staging one's own murder.

[x] Biastophilia: sexual arousal from assault and rape. 

[] Chronophilia: sexual attraction to a partner of the same chronological age, but whose sexuoerotic age is discordant with that chronological age.

[] Coprophilia: sexual attraction to (or pleasure from) feces. It's strictly related to Fecophilia, sexual arousal from defacation or watching a partner defecate, particularly on oneself. 

[] Covert incestiphilia: arousal from non-contact sexual behavior with a child. 

[x] Dacryphilia: sexual pleasure in eliciting tears from others or oneself. (salty)

[x] Dendrophilia: sexual attraction to trees and other large plants.

[x] Emetophilia (also vomerophilia): sexual attraction to vomiting.

[] Ephebophilia (also hebephilia): sexual attraction towards adolescents.

[x] Erotic asphyxia: sexual attraction from asphyxia (also called "breath control play" or "strangulation"), including autoerotic asphyxiation. 

[x] Erotic lactation (also galactophilia or lactophilia): sexual attraction to human milk or lactating women.

[x] Exhibitionism (also autagonistophilia or peodeiktophilia): sexual arousal by engaging in sexual behavior in view of third parties (also includes the recurrent urge or behavior to expose one's genitals to an unsuspecting person).

[x] Food play: sexual arousal from food. 

[x] Formicophilia: sexual attraction to smaller animals, insects, etc. crawling on parts of the body. (I love bugs huehuehue)

[] Forniphilia: sexual objectification in which a person's body is incorporated into a piece of furniture.

[x] Frotteurism: sexual arousal from the recurrent urge or behavior of touching or rubbing against a non-consenting person. (lol ruge)

[] Gerontophilia: sexual attraction towards the elderly. 

[] Homeovestism: sexual arousal by wearing the clothing of one's own gender.

[x] Human animal roleplay: sexual arousal by having oneself or a partner taking on the role of real or imaginary animal. (woof) 

[] Hybristophilia: sexual arousal to people who have committed crimes, in particular cruel or outrageous crimes.

[] Incestophilia: sexual attraction to a member of one's own family.

[] Katoptronophilia: sexual arousal from having sex in front of mirrors.

[x] Kleptophilia: sexual arousal from stealing things. (MINE NOW)

[x] Klismaphilia: sexual pleasure from enemas.

[x] Lust murder (also homicidophilia or erotophonophilia): sexual arousal from committing (or trying to commit) murder. It also appear to be strictly related with others similar paraphilias like sexual sadism, necrophilia, vorarephilia and Blood fetish. (only with evil people. maybe. im lying)

[x] Macrophilia: sexual attraction to giants or giant body parts (such as breasts and genitalia)—the opposite of microphilia. (FUCK THAT COLOSSUS IN THE STONE ASS)

[x] Masochism: the recurrent urge or behavior of wanting to be humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise made to suffer. 

[] Microphilia: sexual attraction to miniature people or miniature body parts—the opposite of macrophilia.

[] Modzeleskphilia: sexual attraction to food. Namely cheese, nachos, and red wines.

[] Mysophilia: sexual attraction to soiled, dirty, foul or decaying materials.

[x] Narratophilia: sexual arousal in the use of dirty or obscene words to a partner. (talk medieval to me)

[x] Necrophilia: sexual attraction to corpses. It includes necrosadism, sexual gratification derived by mutilating and dismembering corpses. (MUAHAHAHAH TEAR SMASH RIP)

[x] Odaxelagnia: sexual arousal associated with biting or being bitten. (ill still beat the shit out of you afterwards)

[x] Olfactophilia: sexual stimulus with smells or odors. 

[] Paraphilic infantilism: sexual pleasure from dressing, acting, or being treated as a baby.

[x] Parthenophilia: sexual attraction to virgins.

[] Pedophilia: sexual attraction to prepubescent children. It includes Nepiophilia (also infantophilia), sexual attraction to children three years old or younger. 

[x] Pictophilia: sexual attraction to pictorial pornography or erotic art.

[] Plushophilia: sexual attraction to stuffed animals and/or people dressed in animal costumes. 

[x] Pyrophilia: sexual arousal through watching, setting, hearing, talking or fantasizing about fire. (EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE)

[x] Racial fetish: attraction to someone of a different colour.

[x] Sadism: deriving pleasure, or in some cases sexual arousal from giving pain. (*slice slice chop* mostly just during fighting, as with alot of these)

[] Salirophila: sexual arousal by soiling (only the appearance of) the object of one's desired partner.

[x] Schediaphilia: sexual attraction to cartoon characters. (senpai you finally notice and tag me)

[] Sitophilia: sexual arousal by involving food in sex.

[] Somnophilia: sexual arousal from sleeping or unconscious people. It appears to be related to necrophilia. 

[x] Sthenolagnia: sexual arousal from the demonstration of strength or muscles. (Strong.)

[] Telephone scatologia: being sexually aroused by making obscene phone calls to strangers.

[x] Teratophilia: sexual attraction to deformed or monstrous features.

[x] Transvestic fetishism: sexual arousal from the wearing of clothes typically associated with the opposite gender to the wearer.

[x] Trichophilia: sexual arousal from hair. (iss so saft i wanna fuck it)

[] Troilism: sharing a sexual partner with another person while looking on.

[x] Urolagnia: sexual attraction to urine, including urinating in public, urinating on others, and being urinated on by others; it includes Urophagia: sexual attraction to drinking urine or watching others drink urine.

[x] Vorarephilia (also gynophagia): sexual attraction at the thought of being eaten by or eating another person or creature. It includes endosomataphillia—a sexual fetish of being within someone (a sub-genre is partial unbirthing—a sexual attraction to inserting an adult head into a vagina). 

[x] Voyeurism: sexual arousal through secretly watching others having sex (also includes scoptophilia—the recurrent urge or behavior to observe an unsuspecting person who is naked, disrobing or engaging in sexual activities.)

[] Xenophilia: sexual attraction to foreigners.

[x] Zelophilia: sexual arousal from jealousy.

[] Zoophilia: sexual attraction to animals. 

[] Zoosadism: sexual gratification derived from causing pain and suffering to animals. Necrozoophilia (also necrobestiality) strictly applies to killing animals. 

[] Anesthesia fetishism: sexual fetish for anesthesia.

[x] Blood fetishism (also haematophilia): sexual fetish for blood (also known as vampire fetish, hematolagnia and haematophilia), and is an anthropological term used to describe the belief within a society or culture that blood in itself (as a material substance) possesses powerful and magical properties. (fuck vampires, rip someones neck out with your teeth anyway)

[x] Breast fetishism. (bewbs)

[] Breast expansion fetishism.

[] Crush fetish: a paraphilia which primarily consists of the desire to see others (generally a desirable potential partner) crush small creatures such as insects, mammals and reptiles.

[] Diaper fetishism.

[] Doll fetish.

[] Fat fetishism.

[] Foot fetishism (podophilia).

[] Garment fetishism: sexual fetish that revolves around a fixation upon a particular article or type of clothing, a collection of garments that appear as part of a fashion or uniform, or a person dressed in such a garment.

[] Hand fetishism.

[x] Hip fetishism.

[] Hypnofetishism: sexual fetish for hypnosis and similar forms of mental persuasion, therapy or mind control.

[x] Impregnation fetish.

[x] Medical fetishism. (heuehueheuheue)

[x] Navel fetishism.

[] Nose fetishism (also nasophilia).

[x] Panty fetishism. (once i went of a panty raid. from an ancient burned house from like 1930)


[x] Robot fetishism 

[] Shoe fetishism

[x] Silk/Satin fetishism (if your names not fiona apple and your not in a silk sheet i dont give a rats ass)

[x] Smoking fetishism (Capnolagnia). (YOU SMELL LIKE CANCER, IM SO WET)

[x] Spandex fetishism.

[] Tickling fetishism (also acarophilia). 

[] Total enclosure fetishism: sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes aroused when having entire body enclosed in a certain way, hence the name.

[x] Transformation fetish.

[x] Wet and messy fetishism: sexual arousal by having substances deliberately and generously applied to the naked skin, or to the clothes people are wearing. (messeh) merry christmas everyone.

For Honor and Glory  Run Away 


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